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Sikh Temple Wedding in Victoria BC || Union Club Wedding Reception

November 15, 2012

Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry had the pleasure of working with SR Bride Christina for her wedding day.  We arrived on-location to her family home in the Uplands of Victoria, BC early in the morning.

Christina wanted her look to be elegant and flawless, one that suited her style.  We went with a smokey eye to define her eyes, with flawless skin contouring her structure.  With hair, we added in hair pieces and extensions to give a full look, to finish we added in Orchids which completed the look.

The wedding took place at the Sikh Temple on Topaz in Victoria, BC, and the wedding reception was held at the Union Club of British Columbia.

Christina wanted to look her best, a result that was achieved by working together on her wedding – she wanted it to reflect in the photography.  View more images from her wedding, by Ronnie Lee Hill a Vancouver based photographer, she did an amazing job on the photographs.


Bridal Shower – Vancouver BC.

September 1, 2010

My siblings hosted a Jack & Jill shower, at the beginning of July for Kal & I.
I was quite impressed with the theme of the shower, inside was diamonds, tiffany’s, & cocktails, outside was bbq, meat, and beer, they know us oh so well!  Games were played, advice was given, food was eaten, drinks were drank and Sharon – spoiled!
Thank you to all the lovely ladies & gents for coming out it was a blast!

Wedding Outfit

September 1, 2010

Excited to finally wear my wedding outfit, it has an old school feel with a modern twist.  I found the outfit in Birmingham when on holidays in London.  It was exactly what I was looking for, I now know what a bride means when she says ‘when you try it on you just know, its the right one’.  I had to make some modifications by the end, it was ‘the one’, I been holding out for!  Keep posted for pictures.

London Experience

September 1, 2010

In the beginning of April I traveled to London for the first time, for a two-week holiday!  I spent the first week enjoying all the festivities of a family wedding, seeing how they are done overseas.  I also enjoyed the Asian boutiques, being a long time Asiana Bride reader, I was excited to check out all the stores I see in the magazine.

I was thrilled to spend my birthday with one of my best friends! Taking in the experience, we absolutely loved the Chelsea area in London, with the boutiques, shopping, amazing sites, food, nightlife, and friends!

Sikh Wedding! Sharon Rai Vancouver Bridal Hair & Makeup.

May 18, 2010

Bhu’s Sikh Wedding!  We started early morning in North Vancouver preparing her hair, and dupata for the wedding, then headed to Richmond in the evening to get her ready for the reception.  Bhu was full of energy, and looked absolutely gorgeous.  It was a treat to work alongside Karin Shoji, one of my past makeup instructors from Blanche Macdonald!  Dave Hamilton Photography did a great job on the images, here is a sneak peak from Bhu’s Wedding.

Videographer | Vancouver Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

March 8, 2010

Kal & I were excited to pick a videographer for the wedding!  We wanted the day to be captured in our eyes, we aren’t fans of the traditional wedding video.  I personally find they are long and time consuming.  I looked into many different vendors, trying to find something unique, short, sweet, with style and out of the norm.  After a few months of research, I happened to come across Glimmer Films Wedding Cinema, they were exactly what we were looking for, and fit the criteria perfectly.  I spoke with Kamal Sandur, she made the booking process easy.  Im excited to work with them, stay tuned for footage from ‘Sharon & Kal’s big fat indian wedding‘.

I just received a coupon from Glimmer Films for family and friends, that I will share!

Dress Shopping || Vancouver Makeup Artist

January 31, 2010

Every-time, I do hair & makeup for a wedding, I always catch myself falling in-love with the Brides Dress.  Over the years, I have seen everything, from a simple classic style to a complex over the top look.  I asked my maid of honor, a fashionista, working for Valentino in Milan for her expertise!  When she came down for a visit in the beginning of January we started brainstorming ideas, to customize my look.  I love the simplicity of traditional dresses, the vibrant colors of south asian outfits, unique embroidery, all mixed in with my own style.  We spent two days, going through all the stores in Vancouver & Surrey.  Needless to say we were sick of shopping, I had no success, and I am still in the hopes of finding my perfect wedding outfit.

The Wedding Process || Victoria Makeup Artist

January 31, 2010

The easiest choice I had to make throughout the wedding process, was to pick ‘a’ the groom, and ‘b’ my bridesmaids.   I am very excited to share every moment of my happiness on my special day with them!  Knowing them for years, having endless memories with them,  I couldn’t imagine going through my big day without them.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me!

My two favorite little people, will be my flower-girl and ring boy!  My niece and nephew, they mean the world to me, and Im excited to see their energy throughout the festivities!

My Big Fat Indian Wedding || Vancouver South Asian Makeup Artist

January 31, 2010
In six months, I will experience what I have been watching my brides go through for years! I will be marrying the man of my dreams.  I am ecstatic for all the festivities, traditions, good friends, family & memories!  Here is a peak at my ‘surprise’ proposal!
If you are a soon to be bride, I would love to give my input in any direction you maybe going.  Since I have been working in the industry for five years now, I can also offer my guidance and suggestions with vendors.  I will write my experiences with each, I have chosen.  Keep posted to hear more about my journey to our ‘big fat indian wedding’.