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Arbutus Ridge Golf Course Wedding | SR Bride Talks about her Experience

August 8, 2012


“My advice for those thinking of hiring Sharon and her team is…DO IT! You will NOT regret it. Right from our first meeting Sharon was extremely friendly, welcoming, and put me at ease. I have always worried about my hair and make up for my wedding because I feel like it is hard to style. I am so glad I chose Sharon and her team because she made me look like I came straight off the pages of a magazine! She is the absolute best at what she does. Also, her team that she brought on the day of the wedding did such an amazing job on all my bridesmaids. I was worried from the beginning that my hairstyle would fall out, but Sharon reassured me that it would not. She was right! Everything was perfect. She came to my house on the day of the wedding, which made my day so smooth and relaxed. I did not have to worry about anything! Hiring Sharon and her team for my engagement shoot and wedding day was the best decision I could have ever made!”

Kristin Hitchen – Cobble Hill, BC
Wedding Location – Cobble Hill, BC

Arbutus Ridge Golf Course Wedding


Butchart Gardens Wedding Victoria BC – Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist Sharon Rai

June 18, 2012

“I knew I wanted to look “amazing” for my groom on our wedding day, however, I am someone who wears minimal makeup and the idea of trying to do my own, and the idea of doing more than a quick pony tail for my hair was daunting! After finding Sharon’s website and learning that she would come to the wedding venue and create a “signature look”, I was interested in learning more.  I met with her and immediately felt comfortable.  Sharon was attentive to and respectful of my preferences for minimal eye makeup and wanting a “natural” look, and encouraged me to describe what I wished my hair to look like. I began with a vague concept of what I wanted and Sharon took those ideas on the day of my wedding and  “worked her magic”! The final look was so much more beautiful than I had envisioned; it complemented my dress perfectly!  My wedding photographer was complimenting me – saying it was the best updo he had seen. It was such a pleasure to work with Sharon; she has a delightful personality which made the wedding morning and the 3 hours of hair and makeup fly by!   I  loved the final “look” and most importantly, my groom loved the look, too!  Thank you Sharon for adding your expertise to our wedding day!  It was truly a special day!  Carla” 

Carla Clarke
Wedding Location:  Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

Bear Mountain Resort Wedding – Victoria BC Bridal Makeup Artist

May 17, 2012

We received a card from our gorgeous SR Bride Carlie!  On her wedding day, Carlie arrived in-studio for services before her wedding which took place at the Westin in Bear Mountain Resort – Victoria BC.  She incorporated a vintage-winter theme for her elegant wedding – which looked perfect!  Curtis Pelletier did an amazing job with the wedding photographs view the images.

“Sharon, I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for doing my wedding makeup you did the most fantastic job.  Words cannot express how grateful I am, you not only made me look & feel beautiful, but you calmed me down and made my morning stress-free.  I cannot wait for the next occasion so we can try other awesome looks!  Thank you, Thank you,  Carlie Smith”

Victoria Bride talks about her Experience with the SR Team

April 15, 2012

“I felt absolutely beautiful as did my bridesmaids – we looked amazing!” 
“Before hiring Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry to stylize my wedding look I was skeptical of anyone being able to create the look I was hoping for.  From Sharon and her team not only did I receive the look I was hoping for but it was more elegant and refined than I had imagined it could ever be.  I felt absolutely beautiful as did my bridesmaids – we looked amazing!  Sharon and her team were professional and fun which made for a stress free relaxing afternoon.  My advice for those thinking of hiring Sharon and her team is to not think or look any further these are the most talented ladies your gonna find!!!!!  Thank you Sharon and your team for making my day that much more special!”
Jennifer Harris – Victoria, BC
Wedding Location: Victoria, BC

Edmonton SR Bride talks about her Bridal Experience

April 12, 2012

“My advice to anyone considering hiring Sharon & her team – DO IT!  You will be like me and consider it the best decisions you ever made…” 

Other than AMAZING, I was unsure how I wanted to look on my wedding day so I knew I needed someone special to help in that department, after all, as we age all a bride has is her memories and photos and photos last forever!  Being from out of province I wanted to make sure I had someone very skilled and from everything I heard in the industry, Sharon Rai was the answer.

I booked four sessions with her:  wedding day preview, makeup lesson, wedding day session and a boudoir – simply radiant session.  For the wedding consultation I did my homework (had my top 5 photo picks of makeup and hairstyles) and from that she worked with me to create the vision I had in my mind.  The result was breathtaking!  For the boudoir, she just did what she does best – create the sizzle I needed and ensure it would look fantastic on camera.  The best part of both sessions was that I still looked like me but the best version of me in different flavours.  And on the wedding day……… I spent the morning laughing with my girlfriends and being pampered while overlooking the ocean because Sharon came to me!

From her I got the WOW factor.  She passed along knowledge of products and services and application techniques so I could replicate it again at my reception (scheduled for a few months later) and for whenever I wanted.  She was very gracious with all my detailed questions and there were lots, after all, when you are in the presence of an expert you want to learn as much as you can!  I can now look drop dead gorgeous in different ways and at any time.  My husband likes my new skills too.

As a result of all of this, my wedding day was only filled with the joy of my experience!  I didn’t have to wonder how I would look on camera or have to rush around.  Sharon came to me – it was relaxed, stress free and I was able to focus on relationships – not the details of the day.  The most rewarding aspect was knowing I looked my best when I celebrated joining my life with my best friend (let’s just say he was very appreciative of the fact – lol).

My advice to anyone considering hiring Sharon and her team – DO IT.  She is worth every penny and the knowledge you will gain is immeasurable.  Even if you are on a very tight budget, consider her teaching session or just booking her for the wedding day.  You will be like me and consider it one of the best decision you ever made.

Cindy Steinkampf – Edmonton, AB
Wedding Location: Sooke, BC

Lizy talks about her Experience with Sharon Rai

February 29, 2012
“When I heard I was working with Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry, I immediately went through her website looking at her pictures of the amazing looks she created for women.  The complete transformation of their most important days demonstrated not only her talent, but the care she gave to each client, ensuring that the personal touch she gave was above what any woman could expect.
My entire life I have looked the same. Parted my hair the same way, put on the same type of makeup, looked the same in every picture that I dressed up in.  When Sharon Rai took me into her studio and into her care, she transformed me into a woman I didn’t recognize!  I never knew that I could look so radiant and beautiful, in ways I never expected or thought of.  Her fresh approach to her styling my hair and the AMAZING job of my makeup gave me a brand new look, surprised not only myself and my husband, but my family, loved ones and friends.
The entire afternoon was about being pampered.  We enjoyed the lovely selection of fine appetizers and refreshments in the comfort of her studio.  As I had chosen her to stylize both myself and my husband for our photo shoot, I didn’t have to worry about a single thing.  It was a stress free afternoon, relaxing in her good company, trusting that she was doing a far better job than I could ever hope to do.  My husband and I enjoyed our afternoon without worrying about a time schedule, trying to fit in lunch, worrying about if my makeup was done right or if my hair was out of control or flattering.  I’d choose Sharon Rai for every special day!
When considering a styling team for your big day, or any day that you deserve to be taken care of, please consider Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry. Her stellar talent for transformation is met with her kind hospitality, enjoyable company and dedication to creating the perfect look for you on that day.  Don’t forget that a special day can be more than a wedding, graduation or other major event!
Thanks for making me look so amazing ♥”
Lizy Gipson
Couples Makeover

“When you look great, nothing else matters on your wedding day!” – Sharon Rai Bride

January 4, 2012
Before hiring Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry to stylize my wedding look, I was worried about my makeup! I don’t really wear any and had no idea what to do. I had hired an amazing photographer and wanted too look great in my wedding photos. When you spend a lot of money on a photographer, you want to look your best.  Sharon knew what make up would look best in photos and also listened to my ideas about how I wanted to look on the day.
From her services, I received hair and make up for myself and my mother in law and hair for both of my bridesmaids. I also did a wedding day preview where we experimented with different make up & hair and took photos to see how I would look on the day.
Hiring Sharon to do my hair and make up was a great decision. My day was totally stress free! I got compliments on my make up from everyone, as did my mother in law. Her transformation was amazing! I felt absolutely beautiful and all I had to do was minor touch ups here and there. When you look great, nothing else matters on your wedding day!
My advice for those thinking of hiring Sharon and her team is do it! Sharon is professional and knowledgeable. When you become a Sharon Rai Bride, you are given access to her website where you can ask questions. Sharon responded promptly to any questions I had. Having someone who could do both hair and make up was important to me because I wanted someone who could see my overall vision and execute it. I am recommending Sharon to all my friends who are getting married!
Sandra Harding
Wedding Location:  Victoria, BC

SR Bride Wedding Day Hairstyle – Victoria BC Bridal Hairstylist

January 4, 2012


Just want to remind you of how appreciative I am to have had you a part of my wedding experience.  I had only had my hair done for an occasion once, 9 years ago, and it was awful.  Im truly not exaggerating, it was my sister’s wedding and I couldn’t stop thinking, at the time, how much I hated how I looked.  I didn’t say anything because it was her day and I didn’t want to take that away from her by complaining, so I sucked it up and looked ridiculous, but what a different experience I had this time.  I just felt so amazing the day of my engagement shoot, and my wedding day and its all because of YOU!
Thanks again, Im so grateful!

“My wedding hair and makeup was exactly what I wanted” – The Royal Victoria Yacht Club Bride

November 22, 2011
“My wedding was Magical, it was everything we had wanted and more… Everything came together so nicely, My bridal party and I really enjoyed getting ready with the SR Team in the morning.  We had them come on-location, it made it that much more exciting and memorable, it was really a stress-free day.  My bridesmaids and I even had a chance to have a margarita each that morning cause we were all soo relaxed.  I could never imagine having to get ready on our own, that would just have been a mess of grumpy girls not happy with their hair or rushing out the door with just lipstick on our lips.

Your team was great!  Having an artist follow us between the ceremony and reception, was really worth it, we all looked great in our pictures, and timing wise it would have been impossible to fit in touchups and doing photos in such a small window of time.  I really loved all the girls looks, they all looked very classic.  My hair and makeup was exactly what I wanted, thanks to you and our wedding day preview, and the fact that I got to see how I was going to look like in person and in camera, thank you for letting me evolve the look right before the wedding.  My hair stayed in perfectly, all day, and all night, until around midnight (but I think me being a dancing fool had alot to do with the little pieces coming out).  I was really pleased with Sharon and her team and will recommend them to my friends, I will also probably see Sharon again, for another milestone in my life!”

Joy Beuzlin
Wedding Location:  The Royal Victoria Yacht Club

My hair and makeup lasted the entire night & I received so many compliments! – Hatley Castle SR Bride

November 22, 2011

Before meeting with Sharon I was not sure what to expect. The times I had my hair and make-up professionally done in the past was definitely hit and miss. We met a few days prior to my wedding to create “my look” at the wedding day preview.  Sharon listened to my ideas and created a glamorous, flawless look that was more perfect than I could have imagined!!  I loved it!!  On the day of my wedding, Sharon and her team arrived to the Laurel Point to recreate “my look” along with doing my bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law’s hair and make-up. The afternoon was relaxed and completely stress free. My hair and make-up lasted the entire night and I received so many complements! Sharon and her team are talented, professional and a lot of fun to spend time with. I would definitely recommend Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry for any special occasion.

Christine Becker
Wedding Location:  Hatley Castle – Victoria, BC
Getting Ready Location:  Inn at Laurel Point – Victoria, BC