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Edmonton SR Bride talks about her Bridal Experience

April 12, 2012

“My advice to anyone considering hiring Sharon & her team – DO IT!  You will be like me and consider it the best decisions you ever made…” 

Other than AMAZING, I was unsure how I wanted to look on my wedding day so I knew I needed someone special to help in that department, after all, as we age all a bride has is her memories and photos and photos last forever!  Being from out of province I wanted to make sure I had someone very skilled and from everything I heard in the industry, Sharon Rai was the answer.

I booked four sessions with her:  wedding day preview, makeup lesson, wedding day session and a boudoir – simply radiant session.  For the wedding consultation I did my homework (had my top 5 photo picks of makeup and hairstyles) and from that she worked with me to create the vision I had in my mind.  The result was breathtaking!  For the boudoir, she just did what she does best – create the sizzle I needed and ensure it would look fantastic on camera.  The best part of both sessions was that I still looked like me but the best version of me in different flavours.  And on the wedding day……… I spent the morning laughing with my girlfriends and being pampered while overlooking the ocean because Sharon came to me!

From her I got the WOW factor.  She passed along knowledge of products and services and application techniques so I could replicate it again at my reception (scheduled for a few months later) and for whenever I wanted.  She was very gracious with all my detailed questions and there were lots, after all, when you are in the presence of an expert you want to learn as much as you can!  I can now look drop dead gorgeous in different ways and at any time.  My husband likes my new skills too.

As a result of all of this, my wedding day was only filled with the joy of my experience!  I didn’t have to wonder how I would look on camera or have to rush around.  Sharon came to me – it was relaxed, stress free and I was able to focus on relationships – not the details of the day.  The most rewarding aspect was knowing I looked my best when I celebrated joining my life with my best friend (let’s just say he was very appreciative of the fact – lol).

My advice to anyone considering hiring Sharon and her team – DO IT.  She is worth every penny and the knowledge you will gain is immeasurable.  Even if you are on a very tight budget, consider her teaching session or just booking her for the wedding day.  You will be like me and consider it one of the best decision you ever made.

Cindy Steinkampf – Edmonton, AB
Wedding Location: Sooke, BC


Testimonial from Calgary SR Bride

August 25, 2011

Testimonial from SR Bride Rupinder, working with Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry.

“My experience with Sharon was fabulous!  I did have high expectations as I have seen Sharon’s work prior to my wedding reception and I knew I could count on her.  My experience was unique as I live outside of British Columbia, and Sharon flew to Calgary, Alberta, to provide me with her service.
From the moment Sharon entered my room to begin my hair & makeup, she was upbeat, positive, and calming.  I was of course nervous about my big moment that evening, but Sharon was able to keep me calm, and helped me to enjoy every minute of the event.  Together we laughed, shared stories, and bonded as she worked on glaming me up.  Sharon was professional, yet down to earth and easy to talk to.  She ensures that she understands what it is that you want for your look, but is also able to provide you with tips and advice for your look.
If I were to go back in time and do this all over again, there would be no doubt that I would request Sharon again! “
Rupinder Grewal