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Dress Shopping || Vancouver Makeup Artist

January 31, 2010

Every-time, I do hair & makeup for a wedding, I always catch myself falling in-love with the Brides Dress.  Over the years, I have seen everything, from a simple classic style to a complex over the top look.  I asked my maid of honor, a fashionista, working for Valentino in Milan for her expertise!  When she came down for a visit in the beginning of January we started brainstorming ideas, to customize my look.  I love the simplicity of traditional dresses, the vibrant colors of south asian outfits, unique embroidery, all mixed in with my own style.  We spent two days, going through all the stores in Vancouver & Surrey.  Needless to say we were sick of shopping, I had no success, and I am still in the hopes of finding my perfect wedding outfit.